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Durva Creations, Sion East
I usually take a walk from my house to Gokul Mandir in Sion East. I walk through the back roads and return from the main road. 

Baby Krishna-Lord Ganesh. Mwah!
On Saturday, I surprised upon a huge pandal at Jagger Niwas. Thinking that it’s too early for Ganesh Chaturthi, I peeped in to see hundreds of colourful and decorative Ganesh Idols sitting on the shelves and some on the floor, awaiting buyers.

Lord Ganpati

As I went in to check them out, I was met by Mrs. Jagger with a smiling face. She wanted to know what kind of idol I preferred. I explained to her that I am a blogger and would like to know about the kind of Ganesh Murtis they had to offer. 

On a Swan

After taking a round of the pandal, I promised to go back the next day armed with my camera and notebook. 


I went back on Sunday afternoon to meet Mrs. Jagger. She let me take pictures to my heart’s content while the assistant helpfully removed tags and dust-covers to give me access to some of the most beautiful idols that I have seen on my many such ventures. 

One more Maharaja

Click Here to read about how the Idols are made in the villages of Maharashtra and brought to Mumbai. 


Both Navin and Diya Jagger have been celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi with a specially purchased idol every year over the past 25 years. In fact, 2014 is their silver jubilee year. 

In the lines of Lord Krishna
Navin Jagger takes great interest in visiting a number of vendors each year to choose the perfect idol for their home. His final order generally was a combination of one particular face, another posture and different colours - put together as per his taste and made to order. Incidentally, Mr. Jagger says he never bargains with the vendors as he feels that art is priceless. 

Look at the velvety texture of the dhoti. Isn't it amazing!

This eye for detailing and colours gave forth to an urge to do something different this year and Durva Creations was born. Mr. & Mrs. Jagger hold 9-5 routine jobs that are quite ordinary. They so wanted to bring some art and colour into their lives. That’s how they hit upon the idea of going into business of getting together some exclusive Ganesha Idols for this year’s Chaturthi

This gorgeous Ganesha is sold with stone embellishments complete
Navin Jagger has been visiting a cluster of villages around Pen in Maharashtra since four months. He’s been checking out many idol-makers and bringing together ideas for the kind of idols he wished to sell at his stall. Some of his friends who have been a moral support are Kishore Wadhwa, Rohan Advani, Divyesh Shah, Harpreet Sandher, Karamjeet Sandher and Jaymev Obhan. 

Royal Lord Ganesh

While idol-makers were taken from one village, painters of the idols were chosen from elsewhere, ensuring that the idols at Durva Creations are exclusive enough. 

Doesn't He look cute! Hugs!
Different faces, various poses and vaahans were put together with brilliant colour combinations to suit his exclusive taste as 300 plus idols found their way to Durva Creations at Jagger Niwas. 

This flaming red Ganesh Idol caught my eye for sure
A visitor will find a maximum of three idols that look the same; even those have been made different with separate colour combinations. 

Ganpati Bappa Morya!
All the idols have been prepared and painted in the village and brought here with extreme care, ensuring that there is no damage. 

The King is waiting to find a home
The sizes of the Ganesh Idols measure thus: 12”, 15”, 18”, 22”, 24”, 30”, 3’, 4’ and 5’. While I got to see all sizes, the 5-foot ones were yet to arrive. Costs range from Rs. 1500-8500. Prices are negotiable. 

Look at that decorative trunk. Awesome!
What’s special about the Ganesh Idols sold at Durva Creations?

They have a provision for embellishing the idols with coloured stones. Believe me, the result is extremely beautiful. It must take a lot of time and patience to do this artwork and this responsibility has been given to artist Siddhant Pitale who is adept at multi-tasking, it seems. Mr. Pitale is still studying while holding a day job. He still finds time to spare for this creative work from 8 pm to 1 am when he’s available at Jagger Niwas. Anyone who’s buying Ganesh Idols from here can meet the artist personally after 8 pm and discuss exactly what they want done on their idol. The cost for embellishing your Ganesha will be separate depending on the number of stones used and the level of ornamentation required. The artist takes 1-2 days to complete work on each idol. The sooner you place the order, the faster you are ensured of a well-decorated Ganesha for the festival. 

Completely ready with stone work in red, blue, green and white
What impressed me about the Ganesh Idols I found at Durva Creations:

I have never seen such beautiful clay idols of Lord Ganesh ever before on the many visits I have made to sale outlets as well as Ganesh pandals during the festival.
The faces of Ganpatis look absolutely divine, making one want to pray when in front of them.
The eyes of the idols are very expressive.
The velvety texture to the dhotis worn by the idols, painted in shades of colours, looks very attractive.
The variety is amazing.

All of 4 feet, squatting on a conch shell. Don't miss the li'l dolphin
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Any takers?

Durva Creations,
214, Jagger Niwas, 
Opp. Sion Hospital,
Sion East, 
Mumbai – 400022
+91 98202 49404

I sincerely pray to the Elephant-headed Lord that Durva Creations does great business this Ganesh Chaturthi. All the best to Mr. & Mrs. Jagger on their divine and colourful venture! 
The Lord awaiting the Bhakta


  1. Lovely ! Hats off to the Jagger couple & their artist.
    Would love to visit this pandal soon.
    Great pics & writeup Sundari !

    1. Yeah, I really felt its a lovely venture. A lot of effort and hard work has gone into this one. You should visit the Ganeshas. :)
      And thank you, I am glad you like the pics and article :D

  2. Bravo...Extremely beautiful blog describing beautifully exquisite Lord Ganesha idols!!!
    I agree, every single idol is a "unique" work of art, it would be too hard for someone to go in the store and not be tempted to bring one to their own home to receive celestial blessings of Lord Ganesha.

    1. Thank you Anonymous for stopping by my blog and posting a comment. I am glad you like my blog and I agree with you. :)

  3. Dear Sundari, I loved your article it's very well written. I couldn't resist not visiting the Pandal that is right in our own neighborhood, Lord Ganesha's idols there are truly fabulous. Fortunately, on my visit to the Pandal today I got to view some new arrivals, what a blessing!

    1. Thank you Chenna Reddy for visiting my blog and posting a comment. I am glad you got to see the new arrivals. I need to visit the pandal once again I think.