Saturday, May 24, 2014


While people are in awe of Superstar Rajni's stunts, can you imagine what his animated avatar can do?

Cast: Animation by Rajnikanth, Deepika Padukone, Jackie Shroff, Nassar, Shobana
Director: Soundarya Rajnikanth Ashwin

The 3D animation film opened yesterday. Venkat and I were keen to see it as we are ardent fans of Rajnikanth and went to Cinemax Sion late last night. The theatre was almost empty and we thought that maybe it was because people prefer the cheaper shows during the week. After seeing the film, we believe the reason could be something else altogether.


The film begins with the child Rana running away from his hometown of Kottaipattinam and taking refuge in Kalingapuri ruled by Raja Mahendra (Jackie Shroff). Rana trains to be a warrior and grows up (now Rajnikanth) and becomes the commander-in-chief of his forces. But Rana has a different agenda. He has come to Kalingapuri to free the wartime slaves belonging to his hometown. He does just that, making an enemy of Raja Mahendra and his son. He goes back to Kottaipattinam to become the commander of the armies there. But there’s a snitch. Raja Rishikodagan (Nassar) of Kottaipattinam has a bone to pick with Rana and maybe his whole family.

I am not going to say more here as I might give away the full story.


A human Rajnikanth could be a superhero in most of his movies. Can you imagine what an animated Super Star Rajni can do? At least a million times as much! His daughter Soundarya has made her father out to be a supreme hero - not just as Rana but also as Kochadaiiyaan, Rana’s father. You will have to watch the film to see the stunts both the characters perform.

The animation was good, but just that. Rajnikanth’s animated version of Rana is almost perfect except for his fat thighs. Why? He’s perfect as Kochadaiiyaan.

Deepika Padukone’s Vadhana looked extremely ugly in the first few scenes. She improved after a while. If the director could make out that she needed to be made better, why not go back and make the changes from the beginning?

All the promos had made me expect too much maybe. When I read that the makers of Avatar had been involved, I was too keen to catch the film. But all my expectations fell flat. I was expecting background scenes in the likes of Kung Fu Panda. Well, I wouldn’t say they were bad, but they could have been way better.

The story was quite good, but there was a glitch. There was a brother to Rana in the background. He never turned up till the last scene. And where did he suddenly spring from? Or is that a prelude to a sequel? That comes to the question: will such a film work with the Indian audience? I seriously doubt.

The war scenes were excellent with both horses and elephants looking gorgeous; but the song and dance sequences truly grated on my nerves.

The best part was Kochadaiiyan’s dance on Shivaratri. It was simply amazing and yet again the Superstar scores.

I have given an extra star for the efforts put in by Soundarya Rajnikanth Ashwin in her first attempt at directing an animated feature.

VERDICT: Watch it at your own risk.




  1. Nice review. Planning to check it out next week :)

  2. Excellent review Sundari. I plan to watch it, not out of great expectations but just for tge novelty of it. :)

    1. Thank you Jai. Yeah, I also would have wanted to watch it once, whatever people said :)