Saturday, October 5, 2013


Cast: Anil Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Tisca Chopra, Neil Bhoopalam, Mandira Bedi, Shabana Azmi, Sapna Pabbi, Anita Raj
Director: Abinay Deo


Anil Kapoor’s ‘24’ began on Friday, October 4, 2013 on Colors TV. This drama series is based on the Hollywood TV series by the same name.

Jai Singh Rathod (Anil Kapoor) heads the Anti Terrorist Unit (ATU) of the Indian government. His marriage to Trisha (Tisca Chopra) is on shaky ground as Jai is wedded to his job 24/7.

The show begins with Trisha’s birthday where both Jai and their daughter Kiran (Sapna Pabbi) bring a cake for her. But Jai is called to work just when the cake is being cut. An upset Kiran goes away with a friend to party all night. Trisha is left alone to bite her nails in tension as she does not know where her daughter is and Jai appears too busy to be bothered.

In the meanwhile, there’s a threat to the life of Aditya Singhania (Neil Bhoopalam), the to-be-sworn-in Prime Minister. What follows is a nail-biting thriller that happens over the next 24 hours real time.


I am not a fan of the small screen and prefer watching films on the big screen. I just happened to see the beginning of this show on Friday and was hooked. It’s quite interesting and is woven well with the Indian scenario. My son Vignesh is a fan of the Hollywood series and found this one not quite up to the mark. My argument is that there is no sense in comparing as this local series has been made to suit the Indian environment and it works for me.

It’s amazing to note that Anil Kapoor is all of 57. He has never been recognised as a great actor but he has done a number of commendable roles. I especially appreciated his work in Mr. India. This show must be a great challenge and so far it looks like the actor is up for it. Kudos Anil Kapoor!

I read somewhere that Anil Kapoor’s toughest challenge in this venture was getting the cast together. Well, I think it’s time to congratulate the actor as he has done a fantastic job of that. Each one of the actors is excellent, of what I have seen of the show so far. Neil Bhoopalam, Tisca Chopra, Sapna Pabbi, Anil Kapoor, Anita Raj and a whole lot of others including the ones playing the bad guys – all are very good.

One cannot help but compare the characters to the Gandhi family at the helm. Aditya Singhania’s character appears too much like Rahul Gandhi. Anita Raj plays his mother. His father used to be the Prime Minister who had been murdered. There is a sister and a drunkard for a brother-in-law too.

I missed the second episode on Saturday and searched the net for a repeat show on Sunday morning. There was not one. But luckily, Colors TV had uploaded the episode and I could watch it minus the advertisements, which was even better.

I eagerly look forward to the rest of the thriller.

‘24’ airs from 10-11 pm on Fridays & Saturdays on Colors TV.  There are 24 episodes in all set in real time.

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