Thursday, October 31, 2013


Albatross with tour organiser Andy. Vignesh is second from left
My son VigneshKumar got a chance to go to Australia along with Heavy Metal Band ALBATROSS that he is a part of. They had three gigs at Melbourne, Sydney and Wollongong last weekend.

A street in Melbourne
The five-member band flew to Melbourne by Malaysian Airlines on October 23, 2013 with a break in journey at the Kuala Lumpur airport. They reached Melbourne on the 24th and had a relaxing day. Viggy says that he was too excited to sleep off the jet lag in his motel room. He and a couple of others walked around the area they stayed in.

Melbourne Cricket Ground
They visited the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). While his friends took a tour, Viggy – who is not too fond of cricket – sat in the stadium, drinking a beer. He says the weather was so cold – around 5-6 degrees – and so was the beer.

Can you see the stuffed toys of spiders hanging off that building?
I took a virtual tour through the pictures that Viggy brought back. It kind of makes me want to shift to Melbourne.

A lake in that area
I was amazed to know that Melbourne with roughly double the area of Mumbai, has a population of 4 million while Amchi Mumbai has 25 million. No wonder I feel claustrophobic whenever I step out of my building. I feel people all around me and walking is not the fun it used to be a few years back.

Tram running through the streets of Melbourne
Anyway, enough of Mumbai-bashing and back to Viggy’s trip! Albatross had a show at Melbourne on Friday night. It was extremely well received. Vignesh found that the Aussies were pretty cool and chilled out. From what he could see, they lead a stress-free existence. I am sure, with the roads so empty and green. There was no dust, I believe. I suppose I can imagine.

Outside their motel
When they stepped out at around 9 pm, the road was empty. There was no one. Amazing! Of course, where they were put up was in the suburbs. Vignesh says he did not hear one ‘honk’ throughout the two days at Melbourne. Astounding!

For pedestrians. Cool, isn't it!
I liked the idea of how pedestrians crossed roads there. There is a pole with a button. A pedestrian presses that to ‘red signal’ the vehicles. He only crosses the road when the light changes. Discipline at its best! I am impressed.

Public Toilet
Public toilets are available on the roadside every kilometre. And I am sure they don’t stink. What won’t I give for that kind of an infrastructure in our city! Sigh…!

Yarra River @ Melbourne
The next morning, they left for Sydney by Virgin Atlantic. They reached there and checked into a dormitory that had been booked for them.

Viggy says Sydney is more like Mumbai and quite commercial. That same night, Saturday, Albatross performed at Bald Faced Stag Hotel. Here too, the show went off extremely well and the public was encouraging.

Albatross performed here
The next day, around noon, they went to Wollongong for their final show of the tour. The ride was for an hour or so and just superb, says Viggy. It being a Sunday, there was not much of a crowd, but the audience who were present enjoyed their performance.

Sydney Opera House
They returned to Sydney the same night to stay at a Service Apartment as they were not too comfortable with the dormitory.

Sydney Harbour Bridge
The next morning, they checked out of the apartment at around 9 am, left their luggage at the reception and went around Sydney.

Albatross with Colin, a hardcore fan
They went to check out Sydney Opera HouseParramatta River and Sydney Harbour Bridge. I believe there was some kind of construction work going on nearby. But it was so well organised that there was no flying dust.

A church in Melbourne
Viggy and gang left Sydney at around 4 pm local time by Malaysian Airlines to return to Mumbai on October 29 by 11.30 am IST. Albatross had had a superb and successful Australian tour. Way to go Guys!

@ Melbourne - so much green. I love it!


  1. Bravo Viggy & Your Band! We the Seniors of the Family are very proud of you! May this be the harbinger of many, many more successes to you & your Band! --Dorai thatha

  2. hi,
    i really enjoyed reading the article. I felt by going through the snaps and reading your
    words that some one is really narrating me the beautiful trip and i am really impressed. kudos to you

    besssst of luck to viggy


    1. Thank you Sugi! I am glad you liked the pics and write up :)
      I will pass on your message to Viggy