Thursday, September 12, 2013

Product Review: ECOFILS

It was by chance that I came across Ecofils highly recommended by my friend Pooja’s son, Jeetu. I got a few water bottles of Ecofils to check them out.

The water stored in these bottles does not acquire the plastic smell that is usually carried by water stored in the regular pet bottles that I have at home.

Ecofils look cute and I hear are also extremely durable. They have the clarity of glass but the advantage of being non-breakable. They last long, I believe. This I am yet to find out, of course.

They are also scratch-free. So far, so good!

One thing that I really liked about the bottles is that they are leak-proof. The lid closes so snugly that there is no fear of carrying this bottle around in one's handbag. Even if it lies down flat inside the bag, there is no chance of the bag getting wet.

What I liked best is that Ecofils are made keeping the environment in mind. There is no wastage during manufacture. The raw material is manufactured in the USA and the product itself in China. This is then imported to India and sold here at various retail outlets.

They don’t just have water bottles, but also steel tiffin boxes with Ecofil lids that are transparent. I am yet to try out those.

There are other manufacturers and importers of similar products. But, what I can see from the material I came across on the net is that Ecofils offers the most competitive rate and this is probably because the product is manufactured in China.

What Mayank Dedhia, the ECOFILS importer has to say about the product

We would like to introduce to your stores our brand "Ecofils" which is a range of 100% BPA Free Products made from certified food-safe materials. We would like to bring to the consumers food-safe & eco-friendly products complying with international food safety standards that are highly durable and definitely a health & safe alternative to regular plastics.

The following are some of the key features of ECOFILS

Made from eco-friendly materials that comply to international food safety standards & FDA Approved, NFS51 approved.
Break Resistant making it incredibly tough
Can be used for hot water as well
Odour resistant
Stain resistant
No residual aftertaste
Glass like clarity without the weight of glass
Vibrant translucent colors
Highly resistant to wear & tear

What is BPA-Free?

BPA is an ingredient used to make everyday plastics. Research has shown that regular plastics made with BPA (bisphenol-A) are toxic for everyday use. Over regular use BPA seeps from such plastic products into our water/food & enters our body when we consume such water/foods. This BPA has been linked with brain & hormonal development problems in fetuses of young children as well as a higher incidence of heart diseases, & growth abnormalities in adults. Further research has shown that BPA can promote cancer in humans.

We strongly believe in the safety of our materials & are proud to present ECOFILS - 100% BPA-free bottles that comply with international food safety standards.

Do you think it’s viable for a market like India at the prices mentioned?

Consumers in India are very price conscious & we have priced them very reasonably. It is complete value for their money as the consumer is buying a product which is made from raw materials that comply with international food standards, are BPA-Free, appealing & the quality of our products is acceptable internationally. We have also packaged our products accordingly, to empower the consumer to make an informed purchase.

We have received very encouraging reviews from the consumers & our products are stamped "BEST PRICE PROMISE" on We believe that consumers are willing to pay the price for Quality, rather than spending repeatedly on buying a sub-standard product. And we are offering them a product which qualifies across all requirements like durability, quality, safety and appeal while giving them their money’s worth.

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In Mumbai, you can buy ECOFILS at Alfa- Juhu; Amarsons, Premsons - Breach Candy, IIFA- Matunga

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