Thursday, July 5, 2012

Book Review: NIGHT WHISPERS by Judith McNaught

Judith McNaught writes a lot of historical romances and I am greatly fond of them. I was amazed to find out that she had also written Night Whispers – a contemporary novel – and decided to get a copy. I am glad I did.

What is the book about? (This synopsis is from Judith McNaught’s website

A policewoman in a small Florida community, Sloan Reynolds knows that her modest upbringing was a long way from the social whirl of Palm Beach, the world inhabited by her father and her sister, Paris. Total strangers to Sloan, they have never tried to contact her – until a sudden invitation arrives, to meet them and indulge in the Palm Beach social season.

A woman who values her investigative work more than a Dior dress, Sloan is unmoved by the long-overdue parental gesture. But when FBI agent Paul Richardson informs her that her father and his associates are suspected of fraud, conspiracy, and murder, Sloan agrees to enter into her father's life – while hiding her true profession.

Sloan's on top of her game until she meets Noah Maitland, a multinational corporate player and one of the FBI's prime suspects – and finds herself powerfully attracted to him, against her deepest instincts. When a shocking murder shatters the seductive facade of the wealth and glamour surrounding her, Sloan must manoeuvre through a maze of deceit and passion, to find someone to trust – and to decipher the truth behind those terrifying whispers in the dark.

My take on it

I am an avid reader of romances and have enjoyed reading a number of historical novels written by Judith McNaught. Some of them are Whitney, My Love; Until You; Almost Heaven; Something Wonderful and Once and Always. I would go so far as to say that each and every one of the books that I have mentioned here is a gem.

Having read only the historical novels written by Judith McNaught, I was surprised that she wrote contemporary ones too. Not just that, Night Whispers is extremly well written and obviously a lot of research has gone into this one, especially about the way the police force functions in the USA.

Sloan’s character is beautifully structured. I was so happy to read the way her relationship develops with her long lost sister Paris. Then there is the cantankerous grandmother, the bossy FBI agent, the hero Noah’s father who is nothing short of a darling, the irritating and adorable teenage sister of the hero, Noah himself, Sloan’s father, her mother, friend and many others. The characters come alive while the mystery surrounding the murder that takes place keeps the reader on the edge. Noah has a dark side to him, it seems. Whether Sloan find happiness with the man she loves is what you will have to find out after reading the story.

If you like romance especially with a lot of mystery woven within, then this is one book that you cannot miss.


  1. Surely gonna pick up dis book..sounds interesting:)thanks for this and looking forward for some more wonderful book reviews


    1. Hi Rajalakshmi,
      thank you for the comment. Yeah, the book is definitely worth reading. :)

  2. Double Standards and Paradise are also modern romances. I especially like Double Standards


  3. Do you think this novel romance
    be come romance movie
    i wish so
    coz I want to watch it so badly