Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Book Spotlight: Love & Curses by Sunita Saldhana

Love & Curses 
Sunita Saldhana


When Amber meets Shardul, her heart starts doing somersaults and it seems as if her body has forgotten how to breathe. She has never been so strongly attracted to anyone before. But beneath the physical attraction, there is something else that she struggles with. Why does he seem so familiar when she is sure she has never met him before? And why has she suddenly started waking up each morning with tears running down her cheeks, haunted by the same dream every night?

Shardul has been waiting for Amber forever. But fate conspired to keep them apart. He could not forget what she could not remember. Now that he had finally found her, would she open her heart to love or would he lose her forever?

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About the author

Sunita Saldhana is a blogger, a poet, an author and a life coach.

She has been writing since the age of 13. She is now a “retired mom” with both her kids having flown from the nest and is now concentrating on her writing. She is happiest when she is writing with her dog curled up at her feet.

She loves reading romance and fantasy and binge watches Crime series like Criminal Minds and Elementary.

She blogs about things she cares for and things that drive her mad. She loves to review books by other authors and share good books with the world.

She has worked as a corporate trainer. She believes that every human being has seeds of greatness within them and she loves to help people find that tipping point in their lives as they discover themselves. This is why she started The Know & Grow Learning Centre where she conducts various courses for kids and adults on communication and life skills.

 She is happiest when she is writing fiction with her dog curled up at her feet.

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