Monday, June 18, 2012


Anyone who has been to the cinema theatres to watch films recently in Mumbai must have surely seen the DNA AFTER HOURS advertisement.

Well, the ad has been made very well obviously as it looks attractive and catches the attention of the public. But the message passed on through it is funny, to say the least.

I have posted two Youtube links of the advertisement that I am talking about. Both are clubbed together as one in the theatres.

The first ad – click here to see it – is where two random persons are asked three questions each. The first one goes thus:

1. Who is the Prime Minister of India? Ans: Jayalalitha
2. Who discovered America? Ans: William Shakespeare
3. How many item numbers has Malaika done in films? Ans: Whatever! (but the guy gets it right all thanks to the gyaan he has acquired from DNA After hrs)

Then there is this young lady who answers the next set of questions:

1. How many colours are there in the rainbow? Ans: 12, right?
2. What is the colour of Red Fort? Ans: White
3. ‘Munni Badnam’ gaane mein kitne dancers teh? Ans: 35 (she’s absolutely sure of this one as she has acquired her supreme knowledge from ‘you know which crap’)

I am not done. There is one more addition to these two. Click here to see this pearl of wisdom.

The question and answer session goes like this:

1. What is the national animal of India? Ans: Fox hai kya?
2. Who won the FIFA World Cup? Ans: Chicago Bulls
3. How many item numbers has Malaika done in Bollywood? Ans: Whatever! (she gets is absolutely right of course and by now you know why)

Yes, the story idea for the ad is excellent as it is bound to catch the attention of everyone watching it. It is fast moving and gets the message across that anyone who reads DNA AFTER HRS will get their Bollywood info right and if anyone wants Bollywood info, then DNA AFTER HRS is the one place to look for it.

But what does it say about the reader? That he/she is a dumbo if he reads the paper or that he/she becomes a brainless idiot after reading this paper continuously over a few days?


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