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Harry is terribly upset with everyone – his godfather Sirius, Professor Dumbledore and especially his best friends Ron and Hermione. No one seems to be interested in getting in touch with him. 

The fifth book is darker yet. It begins with Harry and his cousin Dudley coming across a couple of dementors very close to home. Harry just manages to save Dudley from having his soul sucked out. Harry’s uncle is terribly angry – not that he is able to do anything about it. That’s also when Harry finds out that Mundungus Fletcher has been keeping an eye on him on Dumbledore’s instructions.

Harry performs the patronus charm to drive away the dementors and the ministry of magic sends him a letter by owl post insisting that he would be expelled from Hogwarts for performing underage magic outside the school. After a while, he receives another owl post where Harry is ordered to present himself for a hearing at the ministry of magic. 

A group of friendly wizards including Mad-eyed Moody, Lupin and Tonks come to Privet Drive and take Harry with them to No. 12 Grimmauld Place, which is the headquarters for the Order of Phoenix.

The Order of Phoenix is a group of wizards who have volunteered to work underground to overthrow Lord Voldemort. 

Sirius Black is also a part of the order and so is Professor Snape, much to Harry’s shock. While he does not trust Snape, it looks like Dumbledore thinks differently.

There is the hearing at the ministry and then Harry receives instructions from Dumbledore to learn Occlumency from Professor Snape. All in all, Harry begins to hate life at school. Lord Voldemort seems to have a strong connection with Harry and the latter is able to read you-know-who’s thoughts and feel his emotions. While Dumbledore insists that this has to stop, Harry is not too keen. 

The result of Harry’s refusal to learn Occlumency leads him into a load of trouble.

Professor Umbridge is assigned the post of defense against the dark arts teacher by the ministry of magic. It appears that she is actually there to spy on Dumbledore and his school. I do not want to say too much about this lady as you might rather want to read about her. 

There’s mayhem as Umbridge refuses to let anyone learn defense against the dark arts practically. That’s when Hermione comes up with the idea of Harry teaching DADA to anyone who is interested. Dumbledore’s Army is formed. 

Unable to learn Occlumency, Harry is lured into the department of mysteries at the ministry of magic and that’s where he comes face to face with the evil Voldemort’ followers, the death eaters. 

While the earlier four Harry Potter Books were more fun, this one gets quite serious with unexpected turns that shake up the reader. While Voldemort has been planning a comeback since Book 1, this book makes it obvious that he is back and right there at the ministry. 

The scene on the magical brethren at the ministry of magic; the many rooms and the mysteries they hide at the department of mysteries; Harry, Ron, Hermione, Neville, Ginny and Luna travelling by thestrals (magical flying horses that can be seen only by those who have seen death); the room of requirement becoming the meeting place for Dumbledore’s Army are some of the amazing highlights of this book. 

Do not miss this one. I would advise everyone to read the books in the order they were published. If you like magic, then the Harry Potter books are a must read.      

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