Sunday, March 31, 2024

A to Z April Challenge 2024: THEME REVEAL


I used to be a voracious blogger some years ago, writing about every subject close to my heart which included book reviews, film reviews, food recipes, topics on spirituality, things that touched me, and more. Soon, this evolved into writing and publishing short stories, and serialising my novels. 

All this was before I became a self-published author. Subsequent to becoming a self-published author on Amazon, I have removed the stories and novels from my blog. After that, my blog has been dedicated to book blitzes, and occasionally reviews. 

I have also participated in A to Z April Challenge for a few years, having successfully completed the challenge only once, in 2015.

I am determined to go the whole way this year and have a theme all ready. I will be taking my readers through the various self-published books (68, till date) and characters (1099, till date), their journey following the English Alphabet. 

Looking forward to interacting with as many bloggers/writers as possible from around the world in 2024. And I wish everyone of us the very best in participating in this blogging challenge. 


  1. 68 books! Congratulation.
    Have a fantastic challenge! :-)