Monday, February 1, 2016


Books I read in January 2016
With so many reading challenges flying around social media, I told myself that I should read way more than I have been doing over the past 3 years. So, I began 2016 by reading 8 books in January – two of them for The Book Club Blog Tours. I wasn’t keen to write elaborate reviews, though I could not but give my opinion. So, here goes...

Book No. 1: MAGNUS CHASE & THE SWORD OF SUMMER by Rick Riordan

This is my first book by the author and also the first from this genre – mythic fantasy. I purchased a paperback of this book when someone suggested discussing this book on The Book Club. When I started reading, I was shocked out of my wits. The language didn’t seem to fit with mythology. That was until I realised that the “fantasy” part of the genre brings a whole new layer.

Well, this book is best suited for teenagers. Though I plodded my way through the book (I can’t stop midway unless a book is truly horrible), I realised at the end that it is not my cup of tea. But apart from that, I can’t deny that the book has been brilliantly written.

Book No. 2: THE OTHER END OF THE CORRIDOR by Sujata Rajpal

I received an ecopy of this book from the author via The Book Club Blog Tour.

I wanted to read this book from the moment my eyes fell on the cover. It’s simply gorgeous. Yeah, I am like that. I so fall for an eye-catching cover. I filled the form with alacrity when the book came up for blog tour via The Book Club, without even checking out the blurb or genre.

When I started reading the book, I couldn’t understand the first page at all. After finishing the book, I feel it’s been placed wrongly, not giving the right impression of the book. It’s important that the book begins in an interesting way.

The moment I started reading the second page I was hooked. But...

Spoilers galore from here on... click here to read the rest of the review. 


I love reading books by Nora Roberts. She writes quite a variety – romance, romance + fantasy, romance + thriller, romance + history. She’s an author I absolutely admire and would love to emulate. I have read many books of hers and didn’t think twice before picking up half a dozen of her titles from a sale last year. Captivated is the first of this series and is the story of Morgana, a witch and Nash, a famous Hollywood scriptwriter. I so enjoyed the magic that revolves around the protagonists, though I have read better by Ms. Roberts.


This is the story of Sebastian, Morgana’s cousin, who’s also a witch. Yeah, I was surprised that he’s called a “witch” instead of “wizard”. I loved his powerful character and the way he works with the police to solve crimes. Mel is a private eye who thumbs her nose at the occult sciences. Imagine the sparks that fly when the two of them come together. The chemistry sizzles and makes for a supremely entertaining read.

Book No. 5: SOUL WARRIOR BOOK 1: THE AGE OF KALI by Falguni Kothari

I have been asked this question in a couple of interviews and a few times on social media: “a book that I wished I had written?” I had a vague answer each time, for the sake of it if you know what I mean. Now I have a definite one. I wish I had written Soul Warrior. That’s how much I loved the book.

When I got to know that this book was a story on Karna, I immediately signed up for the review. It’s only recently that I have been introduced to the genre mythical fiction. I found out that Soul Warrior Book 1: The Age of Kali falls under Mythic Fantasy – a book that draws inspiration from mythology, but is set in present times. Uh, oh! It made me wonder if I wanted to read this one after reading 1-2 pages.

There was another reason for this. I had read Magnus Chase & The Sword of Summer by Rick Riordan just a couple of weeks ago and I hadn’t been awfully enamoured. That was more because the book targeted young adults.

Gritting my teeth, I plunged into Falguni Kothari’s latest book and fell in love. I have read Bootie and the Beast by the same author (I had won this during #TornadoGiveaway 2) and thought it okay. But Soul Warrior is something else.

Be prepared for spoilers from here on... click here for full review. 

Book No. 6: THE DELIBERATE SINNER by Bhaavna Arora

This is one of the crappiest books I have read. The language can do with several rounds of editing and proofing (Rupa, do you read me?). I just could not relate to the story. Why did I read the whole book? As I mentioned above, I am determined, like that.

No, I didn’t waste money buying this one. I received a copy from the author.


This is one more book from the Donovan Legacy series by Nora Roberts. This one is about Anastasia, a witch who is also a healer and Boone, an author of fairy tales. He’s a widower with a little kid called Jessie. A lovely book about Ana and Boone falling in love, despite their troubled past. Will Boone be able to accept that Ana is a witch? It’s definitely worth a read. I fell in love with little Jessie and her dad.

Book No. 8: THE LAST DUCHESS by Daisy Goodwin

The copy I bought during a sale is called The Last Duchess and is a paperback. (This was published as American Heiress in hardback) Luckily, I traced it to this book. It's long, well-researched and very interesting. The book has been written from multiple viewpoints and I realise I truly like this way of writing.

I only wish that the end was more rounded off with Cora, the duchess/heiress taking better control of her household. But then, that's just my opinion. If you like reading historical novels, then this one is for you.


  1. So many already and such a wide selection, hats off! I read two books by Nora Roberts this January too, loved them both!

    1. Hi Devika, thanks for stopping by. I realised that between writing, publishing and marketing, my reading had taken a backseat

  2. Wow! You had quite the reading month, Sundari! Adding Soul Warrior to my TBR. If I had realized it was about Karna, I would have certainly volunteered during the TBC tour. *Mental note to self - Read blurbs well.*

    1. Yeah, thank you Shanaya. I will probably take a break and read Soul Warrior once again. I liked it so much

  3. Awesome! Pat your back one more time from my side. I am at 2books still in Feb :p.
    You are asked to be polite na, Sundari :D

    All the best. Keep turning more pages and give us a page-turner quickly ;)

    1. :D :D :D
      Thank you Nilima!!! My page-turner coming up on March 7, 2016

  4. I love your succinct way of wrapping up each title! Thanks for sharing! By the way, how is the new book coming along? :) I want to know what happened! You just teased with a few pages! Hugs!

    1. Hi Vidya, thank you for stopping by. The new book is ready. Cover getting ready. March 7 release date
      Hugs back!